Possible topics that lead to (hopefully) completely new ideas

As I wrote yesterday, I realized that almost none of my so-called “ideas” were really new, they were just stuff that I had picked up elsewhere. So going forward, I need topics that lead to new ideas. Well, maybe someone else already had that idea, but the important thing is that I don’t know about it. I should not get my ideas from memory, but from creativity.

Topics I want to learn more about

Ok, sorry dear reader, this is getting out of hand. Writing this feels like a chore, and I always procrastinate blogging till the evening. Then I am more focused on getting to bed in time than on the actual task of generating ideas. The result is just random lists of things. I need to take more time for this. But for now, here is yet another list. But tomorrow is Saturday, let’s hope I can do a better post then.

Ways I can improve this blog

#1: Pick themes that lead to completely new ideas instead of me remembering something I’ve heard or read before.

#2: Get readers (plural).

#3: Give updates on implementations of ideas mentioned here.

Ways to improve my daily schedule

Doing this idea exercise in the evening proves to be suboptimal, because it often delays my bed time. So I should move that to some time earlier in the day. And while I’m at it, maybe I can find other things that should be scheduled differently (or at all).

Lunch Ideas

#1: Potatoes and quark with herbs and fried eggs.

#2: Chicken thighs with potatoes and broccoli.

#3: DIY Pizza with salami and vegetables.

Beginner friendly Programming projects

There is a relatively new programming language called Rust, which I would like to learn. And learning is always easiest if you have fun while doing so. This is why I need some ideas what my first few programs could be, so they are easy enough to get to work as a beginner, but also useful enough to make me actually want to write them.