How to grow my network

A few days ago I thought that this might be a good topic, so now I’ll think a little bit about this.

#1: Join meetups from or facebook on specific topics that I am interested in.

#2: Have some good ideas for people who’s books I’ve read or podcasts I listen to and email those ideas to them (not asking anything in return).

#3: Register for 6-Minute Networking.

#4: Be more interested in the people I work with.

#5: Find new hobbies that are done in groups.

#6: Try to find a workout partner, maybe via facebook or by asking people at the gym.

#7: Join group courses for skills that I want to learn.

#8: Initiate my own group meetup.

#9: Go out every day (yes, I am allowing myself to write down shitty ideas, too).

#10: Try to meet friends of friends.