How to make my room more beautiful

Inspired by Jordan Peterson’s 13th rule (which he stated when asked after a lecture), I thought that all of the rooms in my apartment could really need an upgrade.

#1: Install proper lamps. In most of my rooms, I still have the bare light bulbs hanging from the ceiling.

#2: Choose a nice carpet. The cheap PVC (or something) floor doesn’t look good.

#3: Put framed pictures on the walls. They should be calming, nature photos could be nice.

#4: Find a better place to put my exercise equipment. Or at least don’t have it in plain sight.

#5: Paint the walls. The problem with that is that colors like green are calming, but cold, while red is warm, but stressful. So I can’t decide on a color.

#6: Move somewhere else.

#7: Put some plants in. And also on the balcony, so I can see them from inside.

#8: Install curtains.

#9: Get better, nicer furniture.

#10: Do a lot of reading and research on interior design tips. Just to get more specific versions of the ideas above.