Interesting DIY Projects

Today I’ll think of some DIY projects that I would be interested in building.

#1: Electronic plant-watering system. I have the opposite of a green thumb, so to have any plants at home that don’t immediately die, I’d need a way to give them the correct amount of water. And I’m sure a Raspberry Pi would be better at that than me.

#2: A drawer to hold trash cans. My kitchen has a corner that would be a good place for my trash cans (I need multiple trash cans as I have to sort different kinds of trash). But due to the weird form of that corner, there are no fitting waste disposal systems on the market. Building one myself is likely the best option.

#3: A model home. I got that idea from Adam Savage, on the Tim Ferriss Show he suggested to just build your own home at a smaller scale, from cardboard as a cheap and easy way to get started with building stuff.

#4: A clockwork of a pendulum clock. I’d really like to build one from Lego Technic, but my son’s Lego sets don’t yet provide enough gears. 🙁

#5: Some kind of Rube Goldberg machine.

#6: A nightstand. I don’t have one currently and it would be a good size for learning how to build furniture.

#7: An LED flashlight. Why buy one if you could spend weeks and ten times the amount of money to build one myself? 🙂

#8: A 3d printer. I’d need a kit for that, of course, but assembling one myself would be interesting. And I’d really like to have one. I wonder what the progress on metal-printers is? Will they be affordable for hobbyists in the near future?

#9: A lab power supply. This is a project I put a lot of thought (and some money in electronics parts) in a few years ago, but then abandoned it. With enough time and motivation I could revisit that idea.

#10: Grow culinary mushrooms. I’m most interested in lion’s maine, but I’m not sure if this is beginner-friendly to grow.