Things to do while waiting a few minutes

At work, I frequently have to wait while the computer does its thing. I can’t start some other work-related task, because it would distract me from the first one and most times keeps me busy far longer than necessary. Same thing with reading. Even checking up on emails could lead to me being busy doing something that was asked in an email. So I need something that is of low cognitive impact and that I wouldn’t accidentally do for more than about 5 minutes.

Theme Ideas

Today I am going to list ideas for theme days, basically titles of future posts here. Just with all the other ideas, I will not necessarily use all of those in the future. But they have a higher likelyhood of being acted upon than items on other lists.

Book Ideas

To narrow my focus on something specific, I chose to think about book ideas, especially books that I might be able to write someday, or that I think would be interesting to write, even if I never reach the proficiency on the topic required for a good book. And when I say “good book”, I usually mean non-fiction books that exhaust its main theme so thoroughly that the reader could not find one thing that might be missing, and is surprised by the depth and/or breadth that the book reaches. Something like the “Ultimate Guides” that Primoz Bozic writes, or the books by Tim Ferriss.

Hello World

Welcome to this blog! I’m writing this for me, because everyone* suggested that one should write every day, Seth Godin suggested to do it publicly on a blog, and James Altucher suggested to write down 10 ideas every day. I’ll try to combine those and write ideas, publicly, every day**.