Possible topics that lead to (hopefully) completely new ideas

As I wrote yesterday, I realized that almost none of my so-called “ideas” were really new, they were just stuff that I had picked up elsewhere. So going forward, I need topics that lead to new ideas. Well, maybe someone else already had that idea, but the important thing is that I don’t know about it. I should not get my ideas from memory, but from creativity.

#1: Smartphone apps that would be nice to have.

#2: Possible improvements for existing apps/devices.

#3: Research ideas.

#4: Possible improvements of processes.

#5: New ways to solve problems.

#6: New ways to use things.

#7: How to apply some technology to a completely different field.

#8: Things that should work together but don’t.

#9: MacGyverisms.

#10: Possible improvements to living things 😉