Theme Ideas

Today I am going to list ideas for theme days, basically titles of future posts here. Just with all the other ideas, I will not necessarily use all of those in the future. But they have a higher likelyhood of being acted upon than items on other lists.

#1: How to build my network. Working from home in a new city means I don’t have many in-person interactions.

#2: How to earn money on the side. Just as you should diversify your financial investments, it is a good idea to also diversify your income sources.

#3: How to make myself go to the gym consistently. The first item for that list is “actually sign up for a gym membership” and is implemented as of today. This should keep me motivated for a couple of weeks, minimum, so right now I don’t need more ideas in that area.

#4: Meals to batch-cook in advance. I don’t like cooking enough to do it every day, so I’d rather spend 3 hours on a weekend preparing lunches for the next two weeks instead of cooking something for just one or two meals at a time.

#5: How to save the world. Self-explanatory 🙂

#6: How to increase the income of my day job.

#7: How to make my home more welcoming (see the book idea #9 from yesterday).

#8: People to tell about this blog so there are more than zero readers. It’s hard to come up with a kind of person who would be interested in this…

#9: How to waste less time.

#10: How to take better care of myself.

#11: Things to do on a kids-weekend.

#12: Meaningful things to do on a weekend without specific plans.

#13: Possible Christmas or birthday presents for the people in my life.