Ways to improve my daily schedule

Doing this idea exercise in the evening proves to be suboptimal, because it often delays my bed time. So I should move that to some time earlier in the day. And while I’m at it, maybe I can find other things that should be scheduled differently (or at all).

#1: Do my idea exercise in the morning. At least I could start it in the morning and add to it during the day.

#2: I should also expand the exercise, in that I have to find a topic for the next day.

#3: Jani’s suggestion of meal planning could free up a lot of time spent shopping and searching for ideas on what to cook for lunch.

#4: Today I tried skipping breakfast. This is about 30 minutes that I don’t spend preparing food, eating food, and cleaning up. I could do this on most of my non-training days.

#5: I could use the time before bed to prepare everything I can for the next day. Like having my gym clothes ready, my desk clean, the table already set for the next meal (breakfast or lunch), and so on. Maybe even digitally, having the programs and files open that I will need first, my agenda for the day written out.

#6: If my lunch is already prepared and just needs to be heated up, I’ll have enough time on my lunch break to also take a power nap. Which could make getting up really early sustainable.

#7: I could make one day per week a “me”-day. Where I don’t schedule anything, but also am not allowed to just sit in front of my PC.

#8: I should plan my week in advance. And not let the weather or my mood decide whether I’ll go for a run, do my grocery shopping, or other things that I should not skip. Like going to the gym, which is Monday/Wednesday/Friday, non-negotiable.

#9: Set an alarm clock to remind me to get ready to go to bed. Maybe combined with screen-curfew.

#10: Have fixed days on which different parts of my apartment have to be cleaned up. Like Monday – living room. Tuesday – kitchen.